A New Standard in Rimfire Magazines

The HC3R™ Ruger® 10/22® magazine:

  • Assembled with stainless fasteners.
  • High impact formulated composite resin body not glued plastic.
  • Stainless steel feeding lips. Reliable single stack magazine.
  • Thumb assist, for ease of manual reloading.
  • Ammo pocket to hold an additional 20 rounds on board.
  • Removable Stripper Clip that allows those 20 rounds to be loaded in seconds.

This magazine is capable of holding 45 rounds. The most effective way to use this magazine is to have 20 rounds in the magazine and 20 rounds in the ammo pocket.

Proper Ammo-Stacking Procedure for Magazine:

  • Load 20 rounds into the stripper clip
  • Insert loaded stripper clip into the magazine
  • Holding the magazine with your left hand, pull down on the thumb assist slightly with your left thumb so the rounds are loose in the magazine
  • This is the important part:
  • Make sure that the rim of the round stays toward the spine of the magazine like you are cradling the magazine
  • Then tip the magazine, letting the rounds slide forward
  • When they have reached the feeding lips and stopped, release the follower
  • Then check the stack by pushing on the nose of the round to make sure there is no air in the stack
  • If you push down on the round and the round stays flat, then repeat the procedure
  • If it springs back up then you're ready to fire!



( while supplies lasts ) posted 03/23/2023